How to create the conditions for agile and sustainable cities? What is mobility in the area of collective intelligence? Why do we need to rethink the use of resources? Which city, which district will carry the enthusiasm of its inhabitants for a better inclusion of all?

These questions are at the heart of an innovative “City Coaching” approach aimed at cities and neighborhoods wishing to build ecosystems of tomorrow. The search for a positive impact for investors, funding organizations, social landlords and private actors in the sustainable development of cities is collectively thought around a project-driven approach.

Integrating new approaches of Vehicle to Grid and Vehicle to Home, reuse of waste or monitoring of smart housing indicators are all opportunities to make our cities places of wonder and social commitment.

Reclaiming one’s living space, living in awareness of financial and human investments, overcoming the differences that generate violence against the environment of the living space, these are the challenges of supporting cities and neighborhoods in a new era: more collective, more connected and focused on sharing resources around us.

WAY2AUTONOMY offers “City Coaching” support in association with its leading partners in the field.

Can we speak of a women entrepreneur’s community in France? How do they develop the innovation needed for their performance? What are the systemic characteristics of their entrepreneurial vision? Why is the digital sector, although growing, also the one that excludes the most women? Do the latest technological innovations look like the communities that built them?

The originality of a human system is based on all the links specific to this system. The Women Systemic Barometer project aims to study the existing links within the ecosystem of French women entrepreneurs.

It is a research-intervention project based on the voluntary participation of women entrepreneurs wishing to share with WAY2AUTONOMY teams the characteristics of their environments. The purpose is to study and interact together for a better collective awareness of the autonomy and responsibility of French women entrepreneurs.

To create knowledge and recognition, the creativity of entrepreneurs is not enough, it is necessary to foster spaces for interaction, confrontation, relationship support between these women and their ecosystems. The Women Systemic Barometer project is an observatory of human process analysis that governs the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and start-ups in France.

When we are piloting major transformation projects, first and foremost we face what we are. Our past is reconstructed every day to adapt to our present, but the construction of our ideas follows a path often already taken.

How to reinvent yourself? How do the different generations X, Y, Z … enrich themselves relatively in our project? What personal and collective ecology accompanies the stages of these transformations?

Sometimes creativity diminishes, innovative ideas become scarcer, our strategy for intervention on transformational projects comes up against complex phenomena, or we lack options in blocking situation … WAY2AUTONOMY offers intra-company co-coaching sessions to encourage the development of new ways of transformations resulting from collective reflection on a subject brought by a transformation actor.

You are Chief Transformation Officer? Change Management Officer? Leader of TPE-PME? Liberal profession? You may want to join a co-coaching group that will work with you for 2 intensive hours on the theme of your transformation:

Join the co-coaching process, open new horizons and boost your projects!