“Autonomy is a path” said Eric Berne. Among other approaches of coaching of organizations, WAY2AUTONOMY build in co-construction with its customers the steps of the transformations they face towards the objectives they have set themselves.

On the basis of a shared diagnosis or through the expression of a reality, within the framework of a tailor-made approach or through multicultural field of experience, WAY2AUTONOMY supports its clients in the development of a transformation design adapted to the context and the ecosystem of the organization.

Investing in the human capital of your organization is a mark of collective maturity. Learning, developing, growing the collective and finding reasons to give more “I” to the “WE” are among fields where WAY2AUTONOMY can support you.

The most successful organizations have managed to build rules that apply to the collective, without harming their environment, while excluding blind obedience to external laws. Leaders have a role to play, just like managers and operational teams. Our support at all levels of the organization is there to ensure a comprehensive approach to needs..

In France or abroad, we offer accompaniments closer to your teams: contact us! Let’s talk about your needs and share your experience of organizations’ transformations..

Coaching of Organizations is a practice of accompaniment of the organization understood as a complex, organized and delimited system, finding in itself the answers and the resources to face the questions or problems encountered. Coaching of Organization aims at strengthening the organization’s self-awareness and to increase its accountability and autonomy.

What are the pivotal issues, threats and opportunities which hang in the environment of your organization, and which could have a major influence on the life of this one? Does your entity have the collective skills and technical know-how mandatory to achieve its objectives? How was your organization originally born? Are these principles always favorable to the cohesion?

High-level or thorough diagnosis, WAY2AUTONOMY co-develop with you the elements needed for a shared diagnosis around the themes of the organization’s environment, its activity, its members, its rules, its culture and its leadership.

A systemic and sociological approach to diagnosis based in part on the Organizational Theory of Berne (T.O.B) promotes a holistic collection of information on the functioning and malfunctions of an organization.

Clarifying your request with a diagnosis allows us to work together on a concrete and pragmatic approach; we converge quickly on the same reality of the organizations’ needs to open doors for individual, team and organizational support as a whole.

Organizational diagnosis strengthens our partnership in accompaniment.

WAY2AUTONOMY practices T.O.B diagnosis under supervision by certified experts. Complementary diagnosis can be implemented in the fields of industrial and business excellence performance, security at work and occupational risks.

Organizational coaching is a practice of accompaniment that takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Elaboration of the request through needs analysis
  2. Contract and accompaniment design
  3. Creating workspaces to deliver coaching of organizations (training, coaching teams and managers, executive coaching, seminars, conferences, innovative collective event in “big groups” …)
  4. Undertake review, capitalization and open new dynamics

This tailor-made approach allows a permanent adaptation to the ongoing transformation within the organization.

A team of coaches is formed specifically for the mission and the coaching expertise are associated to ensure the variety required in coaching organizations.
Depending on the maturity of the organization vis-à-vis its objective, as well as the relationship with its problematic, the team of coaches builds a support framework enhancing collective autonomy and accountability..

WAY2AUTONOMY offers personalized support, built around certified and supervised teams of coaches, trained to accommodate the emergence of planned and unplanned impacts. Let’s meet to establish together the transformation path that corresponds to your organization.

We learnt from systemic approaches that change and transformations are not always coming from a single place in an organization. Any part of the system can have a responsibility in the maintenance or imbalance of its homeostasis.

How to think the responsibility of the change?

WAY2AUTONOMY examined subsets of systems which, one day, consciously or unconsciously, cause an imbalance of the system to which they belong, leading to an evolution, a transformation. We developed Eco-systemic Coaching – Intergalactic Coaching of Organizations.

In support of innovation initiatives (Open Innovation, Outside Innovation …) or to stimulate the creativity of research and development teams, WAY2AUTONOMY offers a benevolent and favorable framework for ‘curious ecosystems’ for the discovery and mobilization of their resources. Intergalactic Coaching of Organizations is an accompaniment design that helps to meet the requirements of competitiveness, creativity and innovation through re-discovery of another collective considered as ‘referent’.

Although the Human Resources departments have succeeded the former Staff Divisions, the concept of resources has not always been sufficiently integrated by the organizations. Sustainable economic performance does not exist if people are not considered as a capital.

The concept of resources, however, reflects the idea of a wealth that should be preserved and developed. The human is thus a strategic asset for leaders and their organizations. The human is thus a strategic asset for leaders and their organizations.

People at the Heart” is a three-part offer that supports business transformations that makes people the foundations of projects.

These 3 components can either be associated with each other in a transformation process or envisaged independently during an accompaniment. They cover basic needs of organizations that put people at the heart of their issues:

  • Battle of Ideas – Constructing Compromises: Overcoming doubts and criticism of Transformation Projects by practicing convincing pitches and building strategic vision
  • The Leading Culture: Cultural identity as a driver of transformation
  • The Manager’s Triangle and the Action Keyboard: supporting meaningful managers committed to team engagement

Let’s combine together the components for the success of your transformation projects.


* (extract of La transformation Permanente, Une introduction au coaching d’organisation – Patrick Dugois)