If you think that the situations are more difficult and complex than they really are, that only the obstacles are visible on your course, that physically you have reached a limit in front of the objective that you must reach or the judgment of your peers are more important than the realization of your projects, that you are the only one able to solve the problems encountered … meet us!

WAY2AUTONOMY assists business leaders and executive in their professional development.

We approach the coaching relationship with the belief that we are all creative, resourceful and able to activate the solutions that suit us in our own way.

The coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify and align with executive regarding goal to achieve
  • Promote a space of discovery of oneself in the pursuit of this objective
  • Bring out solutions and strategies
  • Confirm the leader’s responsibility in his own way

Among the topics most often discussed during these executive coaching sessions, we found:

  • Finding meaning and sense of purpose at work
  • Managing a professional transition / Taking a job
  • Develop new skills
  • Change of career path
  • Start a new business
  • Improve relationships at work
  • Riding in effective leadership
  • Develop agility and resilience in your organization
  • Improve collective performance
  • Clarify priorities
  • Progress towards professional goals
  • Remotely or face-to-face, in French or English, in a custom phasing or with a predefined timing, WAY2AUTONOMY accompanies executive towards their objectives.

    Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs by contacting us directly here.

    The coaching teams of WAY2AUTONOMY are supervised as required by the profession.